USMC Always Faithful Devil Dog Porcelain Stein

For hundreds of years, beer steins have been crafted in honor of military units and to commemorate heroic exploits. And since, during World War I, the Marines earned their nickname of “Devil Dogs” when the admiring German foe could not dislodge them from their position in Bellau Wood, what better group to honor with a Marine Corps stein?

Now, pay tribute to the legendary USMC Devil Dogs with a first-ever salute, the Always Faithful Stein.

USMC Always Faithful Devil Dog Porcelain Stein

Price:$99.95 US


This striking USMC stein is fully sculpted in the shape of a devil dog dressed as a saluting drill sergeant, handcrafted in drink-safe porcelain.

From the dog’s t-shirt to the Eagle, Globe and Anchor tattoo on his bicep, this USMC stein screams Marine pride.

The sergeant’s Smokey Bear cover gleams with 22K gold highlights and lifts up to open this 24-ounce porcelain stein, and the thumb rest bears the Eagle, Globe and Anchor symbol.

The handle features “USMC” and the base showcases the words “SEMPER FI,” both in 22K gold lettering.

  • Edition limited to 95 firing days, so order now!
  • Hand-numbered with matching Certificate of Authenticity
  • Measures 9-3/4″ H; 24.8 cm H; holds 24 oz.; 709.7 ml

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